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September 2013
I am so happy to announce that five of my original children's book illustrations have been added to the permanent collection of the Mazza Museum, a museum dedicated to the artwork of children's books. Included are two paintings from "Coriander, The Contrary Hen", one from "Tessa's Tip-Tapping Toes", one from "Sometimes I Feel Like A Storm Cloud", and last but not least a painting from "Saving The Liberty Bell". I am so honored to be a part of the wonderful and growing collection and included among such an incredible family of artists!

Mazza Museum



July 2015
I have always loved photographing people and still do, but for the last six years I have lived two blocks from Sandusky Bay and Lake Erie, in the small town of Sandusky, Ohio. I have been completely seduced by the lake; its massive body of water resembles an ocean more than any lake I ever knew, and the incredible sky, a bounty of color, amazing clouds, rainbows and flying wildlife.

With the seasonal changes the lake changes day to day, and even hour to hour. In Spring, Summer, and even Fall, the water may be calm and quiet, meditative really, and as wind or storms make their way in, the water can rage like an angry sea. In Winter the lake and bay often freeze, making for other worldly ice formations as the air warms and cools. The lake and bay during these months is often quite surreal.

This image was taken near my studio, which overlooks Sandusky Bay. It was just before a storm, and the water raged, but in a most beautiful way. It almost appears to be mountains and valleys to me. Recently, I was quite happy to hear that I had won an Editor’s Award for this image in a photography challenge at, as it was my first submission there. I am currently submitting images for the next challenge titled “For Art’s Sake”.


© marsha gray carrington, all rights reserved

Editor's Award

'thru the lens'
photography challange

"Before The Storm"

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